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    Love love love Pines West. Dr. Berg and the other vets and staff are all just wonderful. Great compassion for both our pets and for the people who own them. When our boy, Bogie, had sepsis 4 years ago, he was transferred to a hospital with an intensive care unit. Dr. Berg called the hospital very early each morning, then would call us with an update. Even after he left on vacation, he would call from the west coast to check on our boy.
    When our cat, Maddie, died of brain cancer, Dr. Berg did everything he could to help find the cause of her symptoms, and then to make her comfortable. On the morning after she passed away, I called his office to let them know. It was his day off, but they must have called him, because 5 minutes later, he called us. It sounded like he was on the side of the road, because I could hear the cars whizzing past, but he wanted to let us know how sorry he was for our loss, and to assure us we'd done all we could to make her comfortable and to ensure she didn't suffer. It's been almost 4 years, and I still get tears in my eyes when I think of how difficult that time was, but how wonderful he and his staff were.
    It was a really challenging time, with Bogie getting sepsis and Maddie appearing to have had a stroke, both in the same week. Bogie recovered completely from his sepsis, but Maddie was with us for just a few more months. Everyone at Pines West was just so supportive.
    Drs. Meacham and Carmona are also wonderful, and we'll readily see them when Dr. Berg isn't available. In fact, Dr. Meacham cared for Molly when she fell and injured herself about a year ago. Dr. Meacham called us at 9:00 that night to give us the radiologist's report.
    Jack and Katie rarely need more than their routine care, and since Bogie was ill 4 years ago, he's been in just for regular check-ups as well. We feel really blessed to have such a great facility with such outstanding people so close to our home.

    Laura Carver


    Thank you Pines West Animal Hospital for the wonderful care you have given my girls over the years. I wish my doctors care about me as much as you care about your patients (and their parents). Dr.Carmona, Dr.Berg and Dr.Lori Meacham are amazing, kind hearted people. Dr.Carmona was so wonderful with my 19 and half year old kitty even though she was not always the most co-operative patient. He even named my baby, Dinky, when I brought her in for her first visit. Dr.Carmona, Dr.Berg and Dr.Meacham saved Leyla when I brought her home from animal rescue and she was on her death bed. Now she is a fat, healthy and happy girl. Dr.Berg, thank you for your follow up phone calls. You are so kind. You have all gone above and beyond for my girls on every visit. Your office staff is just super. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you for the love and care that you provide.

    With our sincerest gratitude,
    Laurie, Scott, Leyla and Dinky


    I have a numerous four legged family... 5 incredible dogs and 6 adorable cats... I met Dr. Meacham 20 years ago and when she and Dr. Berg opened this wonderful hospital my kids were one of the first to visit them... I don't care if I have to drive 27 miles from where I live... I know there is no place like Pines West Animal Hospital...

    I have no words to thank the whole incredible Staff and the 3 great Doctors for the patience they had with "ME" and "my gang". Soooooooooo from the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU ALL...
    Celia Avalos


    Pines West Animal hospital in very conveniently located in the LA Fitness Shopping Plaza so there is ample parking. You can get an appointment fairly quick. The vet really spends time with your pet, talks to him, cuddles him and treats the pet as if it were on of their own. Exams are very thorough. You can also purchase food here as well.


    Dr. Berg,
    I want to thank-you for your reassuring words and kindness you gave me today when I made the decision to put Fluffy Tail to sleep.  As a veterinarian doctor, euthanasia is a routine part of your practice, but you always remain sympathetic and sensitive to your clients and their pets which makes this painful decision a little more comforting.
    It is always a pleasure doing business with you, Dr. Carmona and your very caring and helpful staff.  


    I would like to take this oppurtunity to commend you and your staff for being an asset to the community. I have taken my dog, Khloe, to two animal hospitals prior to Pines West and was displeased with the unprofessionalism at the reception desk. Upon my initial visit to Pines West to make product purchases, I was impressed with the ambiance of the office. I realized that the ambiance was not a facade, but it complemented the quality of service rendered by the staff. Whether I called or visited, I was always greeted with a high degree of professionalism regardless of the time of day.

    In deciding which animal hospital to take Khloe to be spayed, I felt confident in choosing Pines West Animal Hospital opposed to another community animal hospital where Khloe had an appointment. I was certain that the same quality of service rendered by your professional staff was a reflection of the care provided by the veterinarians and the technicians; I could not have made a better choice. Following her surgery I was called by Dr. Carmona who apprised of its success and specific instructions for home care and follow-up procedures prior to taking her home. Khloe had no problems and a speedy recovery. She was treated like a human being by your hospital. Needless to say, when we visit Pines West, Khloe seems to feel just as comfortable with the staff at Pines West as I do.

    Thank you for the exemplary professionalism in providing quality service and care.

    Donna Hamilton


    I appreciate all aspects of the care and time given to my animals. I also respect the thoroughness of exams and the great referrals to specialists who also gave my pets special care.

    Dr. Berg also helped us with one of our cats dying with cancer...he couldn't have been nicer in our time of sorrow. Buddy is in a much happier place now.

    My family and "fur kids" wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you.

    Again, thank all of you for being there for us.
    Lori and Rick Santiago


    I have 2 little shitzus and they are my babies. Dr. Berg understands how important they are, you can tell he is a veterinarian because he genuinely loves animals, he is upfront, and extremely sweet with my little guys. I drive from Miami Beach to Pembroke, because I would rather take them to Dr. Berg than any other vet. I highly recommend Dr. Berg at Pines West animal Hospital...
    • Pros: they love my pets, hours are great, the best vet: Dr. Berg
    • Cons: none
    • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


    I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Meacham for over 20 years. I became a client when she was in the Kendall area and have followed her to Pembroke Pines -- I live in Cutler Bay. I have had four Huskies during those 20 years, she has seen me through the euthanizing of three and she understands that they are family members. Recently, my (12 year old) dog was diagnosed with diabetes, and she has gone out of her way to make sure that he is doing well, to the point that she calls me on her days off to follow up when we have to change his insulin dosage. As long as I have pets, Dr. Meacham will be their vet. You couldn't ask for a nicer staff too! Thanks to you all.

    Linda Isrel


    Dear Dr. Berg,

    Thank you for being such an outstanding vet. You've been caring for our pets for approximately 15 years now and have always provided compassionate care. When I had to put my sweet girl, Cassie, to sleep after 17 years of companionship, you and your staff could not have been kinder. We have 4 kitties now, and the level of care you provide for each of them is outstanding. We truly could not ask for more.

    I highly recommend you and your practice to all my clients that move to our area. I tell them that it gives us peace of mind to know that we have outstanding veterinary care right here in our neighborhood -- but we'd travel for miles if we had to, because there's no one we trust more with the care of our pets. You are a phenomenal vet.

    Thank you for all you do.
    Laura & Russell Carver