Broken Kitty Lives!!

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Hello my name is “Broken Kitty.” I am a three month old grey tabby kitten. I have been through a lot so far at such a young age. At just six weeks old one of our clients brought me in as a possible hit by car. One of our staff members took me in to try and save me. We took x-rays and discovered that my pelvic bone, femur, and tail were all broken! For everything to heal properly I would need to have complete cage rest for two months! After just a few days after my accident, Dr. Berg and Dr. Carmona had to both perform emergency surgery to repair a diaphragmatic hernia, which was the result of my massive injuries. I wasn’t out of the clear just yet; I started to have labored breathing from my injuries; x-rays showed I now had fluid in my chest cavity. To be able to breathe the doctors would now have to extract fluid from my chest cavity twice a day. Once the fluid accumulation stop reoccurring, Dr. Meacham surgically repaired my pelvic bone, femur, and I had to have my tail amputated. I am now well on my way to recovery and only have a couple of routine surgeries left to go. So you ask, who will be adopting me? Dr. Meacham will now be my new mommy. My new name is Tessa!